History of founding of child’s house.

Our child’s “House  of  Pearl” was founded on April, 10, 1999 by Sergey Drocom that by the International German-Ukrainian benevolent fund “Service ” . Exactly then on territory of the tumbledown leased apartment in the Kirovohrad area,  p.Voinovka of former kindergarten appeared the first children-orphans. They over were brought by Карнаухов С. smuggling out of from hatches interpreted literally this word. This was the company of guys, that lived outside and smelled glue . Firstly they behaved awfully : swore, arranged fights, frightened educators cancers and frogs, repeatedly accomplished escapes. The employees of child’s “House  of  Pearl” were patient and did not show fear, helped former homeless children to find family, feel a heat, love and caring.

In May addition was new orphans . In child’s house this was the first young child. He was taught to the numbers, letters, spelling. All children-orphans in child’s house ” of Pearl” were divided into two groups – boys and girls. To every group daily and night educators were set. Daily educators  trained children to discipline, did cleaning up, executed a homework, accomplished cognitive excursions and organized leisure. The educators of lodging turn conducted evening educator conversations, prepared guys to the dream.

During many years, we with our babies constantly prayed about new building. We very wanted to have the house. We will remind that long years we lived in large old building of rural kindergarten and occupied his small part only. Also, our family was constantly filled up place leasable it was already not enough for ” Перлынки”, in other words became closely. But we did not abandon hope and continued to believe that God will show a miracle. Happened so. In 2010, due to our new friends from America, building of new building was begun. In our settlement the neglected building of a collective farm dining-room stood long time, difficult it was even to present that from it something will turn out, building looked so destroyed and hopeless. But it is written in Bible, that by a faith, it is possible to move mountains even. Especially as an idea and motivation of project was correct in all aspects. By efforts of building brigade of rehabilitation center ” Ark” building was begun. In 2, hard and persistent work.