Life is in child’s house .

Every morning weekday, our pearls wake up in the early morning, to wash, clean teeth, breakfast and all to leave a company in school. Same little we take in a garden, and till about the evening of baby are there. Since employments close at school, our pupils return home, have dinner and together with our educators start making homework. Work is much, because babies, mainly from unhappy families, where them nobody engaged in, therefore it is much needed to occupy individually. But we do not lose heart and strain every nerve, to return the missed out knowledge on the school program. Only since lessons are done, spare time comes, when guys can occupy, what they will want. Most fellows hurry to play the  most popular playing our house is football.

Even some girls from time to time I play with them. Certainly, not without scratches and small traumas, but fortunately, we have a medical staff that will always help with rapid recovery and will put on the feet of child. Cold, rheum, headache, in general, any catarrhal diseases too not problem for our train nurse. Girls draw mainly, fold пазлы, and make the hand-made articles out of bead. After a supper, all gather on a commonunication, where evening educators conduct conversations on different themes, and also engage in reading of Bible. In the end all together we pray for parents, for those, who is ill and in general for needs that from time to time appear in our long family. Before a dream we have time to look the merry animated cartoon or some instructive film. Whereupon all take a shower and lie down to sleep. On a weekend we do not hurry to get up in the early morning, because babies want longer поваляться on small beds. To nine we wake up morning, breakfast and begin a day with useful businesses. Saturdays.

So we train guys to labour. After cleaning up for them mass of spare time, when they can engage, what it will be wanted. Besides physical development, we develop spiritually. In Sunday we all together go to the поместную church. Part of children goes to employments in sunday-school, part on youth service. Each month we conduct the day of person celebrating his the name-day and congratulate those, who had a birthday for the last month. It is ordinary sweet table, competitions and different movable games. In summer, traditionally, for our babies we conduct a departure camp. All together we go by the base of rest, to conduct two weeks of wonderful summer rest. Every year our pupils look forward to this moment, and each time a camp passes on the special.