Child’s “House  of Pearl” – to help the toorphans of Ukraine .

Child’s “House  of Pearl” – to help the toorphans of Ukraine .

During all history on reasons at times  from us, the problem of orphanhood remained actual. In modern society, overcoming horrors of hunger, epidemics, natural calamities, the amount of children-orphans is counted more than on completion of Great Patriotic war. Thus, orphanhood appears before us as one of peracute social problems of the modern world, putting the level of his development and civilized under a question. Orphanhood, as a social problem exists so much, how many human society. At all times wars over, epidemics, natural calamities, illnesses brought to the large human victims, farther more what children remained without parents. With large progress, appearance of drugs, alcoholic beverages these problems outgrow from a plane warrior on a social level. And little children from the moral and social falling of adults get in child’s houses. From data of Ministry of social politics to destroy the factor of orphanhood practically.

Child’s houses in Ukraine function with the purpose of providing to the toorphans of deserving standard of living, however public institutions can render a professional help only of one-third needing. In an order to take away children from a dangerous environment, to provide the proper care, to help to be socialized, 18 back child’s  “House  of Pearl” began the existence. In Ukraine the problem of orphanhood decides creation of child’s houses. Aim of our child’s “House  of Pearl” – to take away a child from a dangerous for him environment: basements, sewage system, families of alcoholics or drug addicts, a stay in that can make a threat even of life of child, not to mention about absence of due education and care. So, child’s “House  of Pearl” was 18 back organized. By his creators and employees large work was done after the giving of chance on the future to hundreds deprived of one’s share to the kids.Christian child’s “House  of Pearl”is in the Alexandrian district of the Kirovohrad area and accepts.

Every employee inlays all soul and energy, to create in our shelter an atmosphere maximally close to the domestic atmosphere of safe families. However child’s “House  of Pearl” is non-state establishment and exists exceptionally on charity – only due to efforts of personnel and unindifferent citizens terms were created for normal psychological and physical development of pupils. Thus, any help to child’s houses of Ukraine is examined by us as very valuable and extremely necessary. In the conditions of cutback of economic activity and hard mode of pulled-in belts employees have to support a high economy at the care of children. Therefore now a personnel and babies of child’s house as never need attention of unindifferent people. Helping is possible in small are materials for child’s work, office, foodstuffs, sporting inventory, furniture, матрацы. The doors of child’s “House  of Pearl” are always open to the guests. Children-orphans are not simply glad.