Child’s “House  of Pearl” – to help the toorphans of Ukraine .


Children make up only 20% of Ukraine’s population, but they are 100% of
our future. Due to deaths, poverty, and rising addiction rates of
parents, Ukraine faces a growing number of neglected, traumatized and
abused children. Many of them live in underground city basements,
sewers, or in families of alcoholics and drug addicts. Many are destined
to become outcasts of society. The number of abandoned children is so
high that government orphanages are able to care for only one third of
them.In response, in 1999 caring people founded the House of Pearl. Located
near Alexandria in the Kirovograd area, it takes orphaned children from
the entire Ukraine. Besides orphans, it also accepts children from
destitute homes – as soon as their conditions improve, these children
return to their families. Right now the House of Pearl is a home to 55
children aging 3 to 18 years.

As an orphanage, our purpose is to take the children out of the
environment threatening their life, physical safety and depriving them
of basic needs. But we aren’t just an orphanage – we give the children
love, care and a sense of home. Each staff member strives to create a
home-like atmosphere of a normal family, which is important for a
child’s mental and physical development. A family is where you are
loved. So, our organization is one big Christian family, connecting
people of different characters and ages; the kids call their teachers
“mama” instead of the formal names. We understand that every child is a
person, needing acceptance, nurturing and structure. And we joyfully
raise these unique children, helping them become successful in life.

We provide our students with food, clothing, housing, education and take
them on field trips. They take part in daily chores like cooking, home
cleanup and yard work. The children can participate in games, arts and
sports competitions. On Sundays they go to church and Sunday School.
After graduation we stay in touch and help them search for housing and
employment. Some young adults temporarily continue living with us.
Currently the House of Pearl is building dorms for our former students.

Through the efforts of staff, volunteers and caring donors, during its
existence the House of Pearl has brought up over 400 children.


The House of Pearl, its staff and our children can’t make it without
you. The children need to be fed, dressed, housed, educated,
transported, played with, and they need medical care. All of this
requires financial support. The House of Pearl is a private
organization, not funded by the state. Our operation relies completely
on volunteers, private donations and charity, so any help is very
important to us.

During the current economic recession and rising prices, our staff must
operate on a tight budget with many cutbacks. Thus, today the personnel
and children of the orphanage are especially in need of support. We are
grateful for every penny helping our little ones live in comfort.


Pray about helping us in these areas:

* Money – support of any amount is vital for our operation; it allows
us to provide for the children’s daily needs and improve their living

* Donated goods – as any big family, the House of Pearl constantly
needs food, clothing, toys, sporting goods, school supplies, arts and
crafts, washing machines (these wear out fast), furniture and

* Volunteering – our doors are open to guests and helpers, and the
children always enjoy socializing and making new acquaintances.
Moreover, it is vital for the orphans to receive attention and care from
surrounding people, and the greatest help is regular participation in
the orphan’s life. You are the person they need right now! Come visit us
to help out our team, do some activities together, play ball or simply
spend time with us. Children have an amazing ability to remember the
good; soon they will grow up and will be able to help others.

It is said that a society can be judged by how it treats the elderly and
children. If we want less evil on the planet, then we must care about
the orphans like we do about our own children. Your aid to the orphans
enables children lacking parental love to establish themselves in life
and have a meaningful future.