Christmas 2020/

“Pearl” it unusual child’s house of Ukraine. A feature of him is in that during many years he helps to give shelter and give love to many children-orphans. He does not have the valuable financing from the state. Here already more than twenty years due to offering and help to the tender hearts babies have such surprizing house “Pearl”.Every child that gets in child’s house of Ukraine always difficult has a fate. Life in child’s house “Pearl” always rich in merry games, psychological conversations, sport-health employments after a gymnastics and creative employment, that assist to development of fantasy of child, fine motor skills. The special attention in “Pearl” is education of correct moral christian values in life of every child. For this purpose every Sunday children attend маєтну sunday-school. In the walls of child’s house always especially mark all christian holidays.Here merrily Christmas passed 2020. Children especially prepared to the holidays are many verses, christmas songs and theatrical performances.