(Русский) Дети-сироты живут надеждой о летнем отдыхе!

Very soon the summer months will give our kids a Sunny day, filled with sincere joy and good mood, because they have been waiting for – the summer. And this summer may be really special, like magic, like a fairy tale, in which both want to believe.

Children’s home “Perlinka” incredibly lucky to help orphans, good people give for 12 days, completely free of charge, tourist base in Petrov with unique opportunities for recreation. This salutary air of pine forest, cozy cabins for a comfortable stay, and most importantly, a river and a real beach for the water treatments! Our guardian angels, the volunteers of the charitable organization GCS will prepare educational and entertainment program “Destruction of myths”. The program provides fun activities, creative workshops, thematic show programmes, and also rehabilitation interesting conversations with psychologists.

Here is a firework of bright emotions and happiness as well children one step away from performing, because this dream is not enough funding for feeding 50 kids. We ask you to help the orphanage “Perlinka” and participate in the implementation of children’s dreams, at Your discretion this can be a feasible monetary donation and the purchase of food. Together, let’s give our children a real summer!

Product list :

Sunflower oil – 20 litre,Buckwheat – 25 kg Rice, 25 kg ,20 kg, ACCA ,Pasta – 35 kg ,10 kg Peas ,Tomato paste -20 b. ,Sugar – 50 kg Salt 15 packs, Breadcrumbs – 12 p ,Vanilla sugar – 50 p,Tea, frozen Fish -25 kg, 15 kg, Liver, eggs -600 PCs,Butter 120 n Cheese – 4 kg, Biscuit – 40 kg, -35 kg Candies, Marshmallows -10 kg

Goods for games and workshops:

Colorful marbles – 400 PCs., Paint Holly -3 kg, Balls (football 2 PCs,2pcs basketball volleyball 2pcs), Pump for balls ,jump Ropes – 7 PCs, or 7 PCs hoops, Plastic buckets colored – 10 PCs, rope -15m., tennis balls,Board games( chess, checkers), 2 packs of A4 paper, colored paper, copier, pencils 20 PCs, 30pcs ball point pens, flipcharts 20 PCs, paint gouache 6 sets, 5 p. chalk, colored paper, corrugated paper 10 PCs adhesive tape 2 PCs, brushes for paint 20 PCs, PVA glue 200 ml, packages of cellophane of different colors 500 PCs, disposable plastic glasses, 100 PCs, dry wipes, 5 pack wet wipes 5 pack. garbage bags, disposable tablecloth 3 units.